This document contains important information and recommendations as well as respective deadlines for cities which are interested in applying to host a Golden Fly Series tour stop for the period 2016 – 2018. TV coverage of the Golden Fly Series tour stops is assured from 2016 onwards the focus will be to deliver live feed.
Hosting the Golden Fly Series is a joint project between the Golden Fly Series Team and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) which its local authorities, athletic associations and other concerned parties to ensure the quality criteria of the Golden Fly Series.
Once you are appointed as host, the Golden Fly Series Team is the LOC’s partner supporting you throughout the preparations for all aspects of the organisation: licence; mobile sports facility; top athlete engagement; organisational charts; checklists; PR; Social Media; TV coordination; quality assurance, internet, media etc.).

The main benefits for the host city are:

  1. Athletics as the oldest organised sport in the world is being implemented in an innovative, compact and compelling format and is able to promote local attractions and tourism perfectly.
  2. Our TV partner offers presence in 140 countries worldwide and broad coverage on over 150 internet platforms with a range of more than 100 million users. Each Tour Stop provides a perfect advertising platform.
  3. Production of a live TV signal is possible from 2016.
  4. Golden Fly Series offers Host Cities advertising space and hospitality areas.
  5. Free admission for the whole family guarantees broad public interest and good attendance.
  6. The inclusion of youth competitions and talent-finding actions in the programme enliven local interest and promote the sport of athletics among youngsters.
  7. The general concept of the series promotes a health-conscious, active lifestyle bringing positive synergies.
  8. The apparatus is entirely sustainable as it can be constructed and dismantled with no impact on the environment.
  9. An extensive TV and online evaluation following the event is guaranteed. 

The Key criteria for obtaining an official tour stops:

  1. Involvement of the host city, to establish the event in the long term
  2. Submitting a balanced base-budget / financial plan
  3. Previous experience organising sports events and / or cultural events
  4. Support of the local authorities / government
  5. Marketing and Communication Plan
  6. An attractive event location in a high-traffic zone
  7. A plan for the inclusion of youth events within the programme
  8. Flexibility of the scheduled event date in relation to the IAAF Calendar of events
  9. Agreement with and observance of the Golden Fly Series guidelines

The application process:

  1. Interested organisers to submit the online form "Letter of Interest"
  2. Deadline for submission is 30 September in the year preceding the planned event
  3. The Golden Fly Series team makes contact with the interested cities and transmits further information material and / or coordinates a workshop in November with interested organisers in Innsbruck or a suitable location
  4. After signing a cooperation agreement (template provided the Golden Fly Series) and payment of the first non-refundable deposit - the planning process begins.


All Information transmitted by the host city during the application process, is handeld by the Golden Fly Series team in strict confidence.
Similarly, strict confidentiality on the part of interested host cities in terms of any documentation provided by the Golden Fly Series is required. Host Cities may not share information with any third party.

Letter of Interest